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Real Estate Loans (Realloans) 
Our Financial Solutions Include:
* 30-Year and 15-Year Fixed Rate Conforming
* FHA to 100% LTV and 80% LTV for cash-out
* Up to 99% LTV Conventional Loans
* Ask about our Builder and Realtor loan services and marketing programs that may help the listed properties sell at a faster pace. 
* Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) as a 1st or 2nd up to 90% LTV. To learn how to improve your overall blended debt rate, offset declining purchasing power, pay off consumer debts, and whether home prices have peaked, please read my articles: Inflation, Home Price Swings, and Wealth Distribution, How to Minimize Risks and Maximize Gains, How to Overcome Declining Purchasing Power, What's Your Blended Debt Rate? and Have Home Prices Peaked Yet?
* VA to 100% LTV to $4 million, no escrow impound options, and FICOs as low as 580.
* One-Time Close Construction Loans (VA, FHA, and Conventional)
* Jumbo Mortgages up to $10 million+ as Stated Income
* Reverse Mortgages to $4 million - My article: Moving Forward with Reverse Mortgages
* Non-Owner, No Income Mortgages (Qualify From Rental Income)
* Fixed Rate Owner-Occupied, Second Home, and Investment Home 2nd Mortgages up to $500,000 - Qualify with Bank Statements
* Asset-Based Private Money or Hedge Fund Money Solutions for residential, land, and commercial properties that are much more affordable than expensive hard money loans.
* Distressed or pre-foreclosure bailout loans
* Business-Purpose 1st and 2nd Loans (No Income or Asset Verification - Fast Closings)
* Bridge Financing Program (pull cash out of your commercial property or current home to purchase a new home before it sells while not required to make any payments for a full year or two)
* Commercial Mortgages from $300,000 to $100 million
(multifamily apartments, retail shopping centers, hotels and motels, industrial, office, senior housing, medical buildings, vineyards/wineries, mobile or manufactured home parks, golf courses, gas stations, car wash facilities, mixed-use, automotive body and mechanic shops, churches, private schools or educational centers, transportation centers, film and entertainment properties, other special purpose properties, land loans, construction deals, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, bridge loans, bailouts, etc.). Rick Tobin's article: Simplifying and Automating Commercial Mortgages. Please click this tab link for more commercial loan details: Commercial Loans

Please click here to apply online: Loan Application

Forbearance, Loan Modification, Short Sale, Creative Seller-Financing, Tax Lien & Foreclosure Bailouts:
Please ask about our Save My Home solutions and visit this Realloans website page (Seller-Financed & Short Sale Homes) so that you don't lose your home or be forced to sell at a significantly discounted price, especially after expiring foreclosure moratorium protection. #savemyhome

To learn more bailout solution options, please read my article: Homeowners' Financial Solutions for 2021 and Beyond

Online and paperless or doc-less loan applications: Your online application will be be automated and underwritten for quicker approvals without any paper copies (W-2s, tax returns, bank statements, mortgage records, etc.). Our underwriters can obtain your records electronically within minutes in many cases. So, you can apply for a mortgage, get approved, and sign the loan documents from the comfort of your home in potentially just a few weeks. Please click here to quickly apply online now: Loan Application

Attention Real Estate Licensees: We offer mortgage loan flyer (printed and digital links via texts) creations for your listed properties. To learn more details, please send me your listing terms and we'll create a professional flyer that lists one or more potential mortgage loan options for your specific property listing that may help you sell your listings faster. For more information, please read my articles:
Will the Realtors' Commission Settlement Impact You?
Helping Realtors Find Clients and Listings in 2024

I've been writing real estate licensing courses in most states for the two largest real estate publishers in the nation and the oldest and best-known real estate school in California, so I can help real estate licensees and other third-party professionals and their clients as well. Please challenge me with your most complicated files first that nobody else can fund and close to earn your business!

Articles & Real Estate Courses: My articles and educational courses have been published nationwide for a few decades about residential and commercial real estate, investments, economics, taxes, and mortgage trends including these articles:
Wealth Creation in a Hyperinflationary America
Unaffordable Housing, Taxation, and Consumer Debt Trends
Will the Realtors' Commission Settlement Impact You?
Inflation, Home Price Swings, and Wealth Distribution
How to Minimize Risks and Maximize Gains
How to Overcome Declining Purchasing Power
What's Your Blended Debt Rate?
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Credit Fears - Fight, Flight, or Freeze
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The Interconnected California & Global Real Estate Markets

A 33-to-1 Vacant & Distressed Home-to-Listed Home Ratio
The Madness of March 2023
Positive and Negative Housing Trends for 2023

All listed loan programs are subject to change.
Equal Housing Lender
Equal Housing Opportunity

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