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No Income or Asset Verification Cash-Out Loans as a 1st or 2nd Mortgage. We specialize in helping homeowners, investors, real estate licensees, general contractors and developers, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, property managers, wealth advisors, private money lenders, vehicle dealers, other lenders' loan turndowns, credit repair specialists, and real estate investment clubs.

Our financial solutions include 30-Year and 15-Year Fixed Rate Conforming , FHA, VA, Jumbo, Stated Income, Reverse Mortgages, Non-Owner, Business-Purpose 1st and 2nd Loans (No Income or Asset Verification - Quick Closings), Forbearance Bailouts, and Commercial Mortgages. Please click here to apply online: Loan Application 

  • No income verification cash-out loans with more affordable interest-only payment options (1st and 2nd loan position) to quickly pay off any creditors owed money such as found with bridge loans, remodels or construction loans, credit lines, car and boat loans (or you'll get cash out to buy a new car, boat, or motorhome with generally longer terms and lower rates and monthly payments), unpaid third-party advisor bills, bankruptcy or divorce situations (we've solved many attorney/client problems), judgment or tax liens, pending foreclosure bailouts, student loans, unpaid credit card balances, or business-purpose consumer loans. Please see my articles about cash-out loans:
    Equity Rich, Cash Poor (June 3, 2022 publishing date)
    Inflation, Tappable Equity, and Home Value Trends (June 20, 2022 publishing date) 

  • The 2022 high-cost conforming loan limits up to a whopping $970,800 loan amount, which is 150% of the newly increased baseline conforming limit of $647,200. 30-year, 20-year, and 15-year fixed mortgages up to 97% loan-to-value (LTV). FICO scores down to as low as 620 are allowed. Please see my California's Gold Rush for Valuable Land article about wealth creation from California real estate:

  • FHA loans & FHA Streamlines (fast-track, no income verification refis with no appraisals): See my FHA article here:

  • VA loans & VA Streamlines - 100% financing up to $1.5 million for purchase & refinance deals. Here's my VA, FHA, & the Housing Boom articles about the history of VA and FHA financing and how to get approved: 
    VA Mortgage Solutions video:

  • Reverse Mortgages (a mortgage and insurance hybrid with no monthly payments and a very flexible approval process) up to $4 million dollar loan amounts. Ask about our reverse mortgages for home purchases. As of February 2022, there's an estimated $10 trillion dollars' worth of tappable equity in residential properties that owners can access. The average US homeowner who retires has approximately 83% of their net worth tied up in home equity and pays their monthly expenses from just 17% of their overall net worth found in savings or pension accounts. See my reverse mortgage and cash-out mortgage articles here:
    Moving Forward with Reverse Mortgages 

  • Vacation homes & Airbnb-type short-term and long-term rentals (one-to-four units and apartment buildings) up to 80% LTV for purchase and cash-out are also available with no formal income verification. See my Short-Term Rentals and DSCR Loans article (published 04/05/22): 
    The rent for long-term or short-term rentals may qualify at break-even {1.0 DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)} or negative DSCR compared to the new mortgage payment with no other income documentation requirements.
    Please also read my Vacation Rental Investment Opportunities article:

  • Non-Owner, No Income (NONI) loans at very low interest-only options in many states up to $3.5 million up to 85% LTV or higher, and Near NONI-type loans (or no debt-to-income ratio) which may allow negative cash flows for rentals, no cash reserve requirements, first-time homebuyers with no short-term rental experience, and cash out up to 70% LTV in most states. See my Non-Owner, No Income (NONI) Loan Solution article here:

  • Forbearance and loan modification refinance applications allowed just ONE DAY after forbearance settlement completion. Our financial solutions can help clients avoid foreclosure and/or bankruptcy or reestablish credit later while also preserving their hard-earned equity. Please read my article entitled Forbearance Bailouts and Refinances:

  • Residential and commercial real estate 1st and 2nd loans with no formal income or asset verification (consumer or business-purpose loan options) which may allow low FICO scores and bankruptcy or foreclosure situations. 

  • Refinance out of and pay off "subject to" acquisitions or a contract for deed (aka land contracts), AITD (All-Inclusive Trust Deed), judgment, or tax lien payoff transaction. I've written college textbooks and residential and commercial real estate courses in most states for the largest real estate publishers in California and the nation while teaching real estate licensees and investors how to structure deals for purchase and sales transactions either individually or within LLCs. Please read my Hyperinflation and Real Estate article here:

  • Our DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) or bank statement loan products may allow a borrower to finance up to 20 properties with loan amounts up to $2 million per property. Here's my Limited Home Inventories & Soaring Prices article about how the combination of declining listing inventory plus rising demand has been pushing prices skyward:

  • 5-year, 7-year, and 10-year interest-only Non-QM bank statement loans with much lower payment options than 30-year fixed rates up to $15 million for self-employed borrowers. 

  • Full Doc and Bank Statement Jumbo Loans: 89.99% LTV to $3 million dollar loan amounts with exceptional rates and no mortgage insurance requirements. 

  • Foreign-national loans up to 80% LTV and $2 million with no income verification, no US credit required, and the borrower just provides one bank statement, one passport, and residence details even though the borrower doesn't have to live in the US. 

  • Fix-and-flip loans and construction loans: Highly leveraged, EZ-Doc, and fast closings in most states. I've helped many investors over the decades structure their purchase offers and subsequent sales in numerous states. We buy discounted properties as well, so please send in your best deals.

  • Asset-based private money loans (purchase and cash-out) with very flexible underwriting guidelines for residential, commercial, and land properties and construction deals with or without income verification. Please click on this tab link for more details: Commercial Loans

  • Gift of equity transactions and other asset transfers between family members and/or business associates for residential or commercial properties (deed transfers, trusts, wills, family limited partnerships, divorce, etc.) that need financial solutions. 

Online and paperless or doc-less loan applications: Your online application will be be automated and underwritten for quicker approvals without any paper copies (W-2s, tax returns, bank statements, mortgage records, etc.). Our underwriters can obtain your records electronically within minutes in many cases. So, you can apply for a mortgage, get approved, and sign the loan documents from the comfort of your home in potentially just a few weeks. Please click here to quickly apply online now: Loan Application

Attention Real Estate Licensees: We offer mortgage loan flyer (printed and digital links via texts) creations for your listed properties. To learn more details, please send me your listing terms and we'll create a professional flyer that lists one or more potential mortgage loan options for your specific property listing that may help you sell your listings faster. 

All listed loan programs are subject to change. For text-to-speech options which may vary depending upon your web browser or device:

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