Creative Real Estate Loans & Written Content
We provide a safe haven for our clients in today's stormy 'Credit Crisis World.'
We provide a safe haven for our clients in today's stormy "Credit Crisis World."

Real Estate Funding Solutions and Written Content for Today's Credit Crisis World.

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Real Estate Funding Solutions

Welcome!!! We provide financial solutions for our clients around the U.S. We especially specialize in private, non-banking, "EZ Doc", and creative money solutions for our investor clients for both residential and commercial properties. Our funding team consists of very experienced real estate investors and funders, so we also think first as investors when approving our clients' loan applications.

If my team can't fund your deal, then it probably can't be funded!!! We pride ourselves on closing deals that other financial groups can't fund. We've funded several hundred million dollars of loans over the years. 

We offer loans and credit lines to individuals, LLCs, and to even borrowers' pensions funds with NO personal guarantees, credit checks, or income verification required in some cases. Please bring us your loan deals turned down from other lenders since we offer very creative and flexible loan solution options that very few others do today.

Our private money rates today are almost as competitive as the best bank rates from just a few years ago, and much easier to qualify for these days. If we can't fund your simple or complex deal, then it probably can't be approved elsewhere. When you need a deal quickly funded, we are your financing team who you should seek out first.

We have the ability to fund almost every type of Real Estate property nationwide such as some of the property types listed below for both residential and commercial properties. These funding options may include with or without formal income verification, "Fix and Flip" type properties, and long term holds. Our team of associates have funded over a few hundred million dollars of real estate properties nationwide over the past 25+ years.

Our team also buys and sells private mortgages or trust deeds secured by various types of real estate such as single-family homes, manufactured and mobile homes, apartment buildings, retail shopping centers, and other types of real estate.

Written Content

We also provide written real estate, financial, and economics content information for various types of blogs, e-books, textbooks, national and international print media article publishers, individual state and national real estate courses, college courses, real estate investment clubs and investor groups, newspapers, newsletters and e-newsletters, books, and other sources. We've created entire real estate courses and college textbooks for some of the best known real estate schools in the state and nation (30+ states). 

Between 1998 and 2008, Rick Tobin was the most published author for AD Kessler's Creative Real Estate Magazine. For the May 2006 cover story, the same national publication featured Rick Tobin on the cover under the heading of A Creative Financier for their main story that month. This publication was one of the best known national real estate publications in America over the past 50 years.

Rick is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC), and has held seven (7) different types of real estate and securities brokerage licenses. To date, Rick has written millions of published words for some of the most respected educational and investment firms in the U.S. as a ghostwriter. 

Many of our past articles were published on topics such as Multi-Family Apartments, Residential Real Estate, Office, Medical, Mini-Storage, Industrial Warehouses, Mobile Home Parks, Hotels & Motels, Gas Stations and Car Washes, The Social Media Revolution, Big Data, Digital Currencies and Digital Payment Options, U.S. and Foreign Stock Markets, Commodities, Bond Markets, Real Estate Education Businesses, Real Estate Investment Clubs, Real Estate Crowdfuding and Equity Firms (some of our clients who have hired us for writing assignments have included multi-billion dollar firms which used our published articles as marketing information for their own personal clients and propsects), Senior Housing, Residential Development projects, and even Land Deals across the USA. We've also provided clients with articles about Index and Mutual Funds, REITs, Credit Default Swaps and other Derivatives, and other wide ranging Financial, Economics, Business, and Legal topics both in the USA and across the world.

*** The best way to reach Rick Tobin, the owner of this site, is by email at this direct email address: Rick is also available for hire as a writer for topics related to Real Estate, Financial, Economics, and other Business topics.

Please look for Rick Tobin's articles on Creative Real Estate Online (#1 real estate investing website in America - ), REI Wealth Monthly (a top digital real estate and investment magazine specifically designed for Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod (, (the REI (Real Estate Investing) Club website - ), The Scotsman Guide ( - this is generally considered as the most read mortage publication in America), additional national mortgage, real estate, and investment publications, and in other blogs, websites, newspapers, investment newsletters, and magazines.

Please visit our affiliate website for more information on the writing side of our core business group:

Past articles written by Rick Tobin, and published in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 include these ones below: (Interest Rate and Home Price Swings: Pages 87 - 91)  (Skyrocketing Rents - Both a Crisis and Opportunity The Credit Crisis: 10 Years and Counting (REI Wealth)
inventory/  ("Aging Boomers Drive Senior-Housing Demand")  ("Fun Adds Serious Value to Shopping Centers")  ("Home Prices Climb on a Weaker Dollar")  ("Regarding the Future of Medical Office Buildings") ("10 Reasons to Pour Money Into Multifamily") ("Tapering Expectations for 2014") ("A Road Trip to Hotel Recovery") ("Is What's Past Prologue?")
We will do our best to notify you about the latest legal and financial changes as well as updates on the best real estate bargains and financial solutions today.
There may be once in a lifetime real estate investment opportunities for all of us due to the combination of extremely low real estate prices, artificially suppressed residential and commerical property inventory levels, and rates near all time lows today. 

Thank you for visiting the website.

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