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Reviews & Ratings

I, Rick Tobin, appeared on the cover of Creative Real Estate Magazine back in 2006 under their cover story entitled "A Creative Financier." This was one of the best-known real estate investment publications in America for more than 40 years. I also was invited to be the primary guest on multiple Creative Real Estate television and radio shows. A.D. Kessler, the owner of Creative Real Estate Magazine who was considered a top real estate educational teaching authority and highly-respected publisher nationally, called me the "most creative mortgage broker" who he personally knew. 

I used to teach many of the Creative Real Estate students and numerous other investing groups how to buy and flip properties while structuring either private money, seller-financed deals, or conventional financing options such as a contract for deed or land contract, lease-option to purchase transactions, AITDs (All-Inclusive Trust Deeds), "subject-to" purchase agreements, purchase or refinance loans up to 100% loan-to-value (LTV), and 30-year fixed rate mortgages. I've also helped many real estate licensees structure their purchase and sales transactions so that their deals closed on time in addition to funding the mortgage. 

Reviews from past clients about Rick Tobin's professional services include:

As of April 2024, Rick Tobin had a 100% perfect score rating from Upwork, the largest online employment site in the world, for my financial services work for clients around the nation over the past several years. Many of these same clients include owners of prominent Wall Street investment firms; CEOs of national Crowdfunding firms; attorneys; real estate developers; commercial property landlords; wealth advisors; real estate brokers; real estate investment clubs and coaching groups; the oldest real estate school in California; the first, or one of the earliest, online real estate school in California; and the largest real estate educational and publishing firm in America. Many times, I would provide the clients with original written content and financial funding solutions at the same time. 

Here are recent additional verified published third-party client reviews from Alignable, Google, LinkedIn, Upwork, and other sources: 

"Rick has done an excellent job of placing our clients into loans quickly for the past 20 years. He has the knowledge and resources to obtain loans for our loan ready and challenged clients. Thanks for all the years of great service, Rick."

"Rick is extremely knowledgeable and offers excellent customer service. I highly recommend him for your mortgage needs."


"A true professional, really cares about clients, personable, and friendly. You won't regret using Rick!"

"Rick makes getting a mortgage, a great experience. He is extremely responsive and you could tell he really cared about giving me the best rate and closing the loan quickly. He has plenty of experience so he was able to present the best options for me, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to refinance or purchase a home!"

"I recommend Rick Tobin with great respect for his exceptional knowledge and tested experience in the fields of real estate brokerage, real estate finance, and real estate investments. His specific dedication to honesty, moral integrity and strong ethics is also practiced by Rick."

"Fast, professional, efficient, accurate, and friendly! It's always a pleasure to work with Rick." 5-stars (highest rating)

"Rick is an excellent subject matter expert and can always be relied upon to extract and communicate the most pertinent and timely information on the topic at hand." 5-stars 

"Rick is amazing. I sincerely appreciate his efforts." 5-stars

"Tough project and Rick handled it quickly, professionally, and with great attention to detail. Always a pleasure working with him." 5-stars

"Thank you Rick for all your work on this one, it is most appreciated. Excellent work." 5-stars

"Attention to detail, great communication, before-the-due-date delivery, professionalism, and pure awesomeness from Rick Tobin. Per usual." 5-stars

"Always a pleasure dealing with Rick. Thanks for all your work." 5-stars