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Seller-Financed & Short Sale Homes

Buy your dream home with creative seller-financed loans that can close very quickly. Or, we’ll help you sell your residential or commercial property very fast. Our team will help you buy, sell, and/or finance residential and commercial properties as creatively as possible. We also buy properties and can complete the purchases within a matter of days instead of weeks or months for the best deals. We are very experienced with short sales, cash "subject to" transactions, wraparounds, buying and selling income streams, loan modifications, forbearance deals, and foreclosure bailouts or workouts.

Rick Tobin, the broker/owner, had several hundred articles published over the past few decades in multiple national publications (Scotsman Guide, Realty411, REI Wealth, CRE Online, REI Club, Think Realty, etc.). He was also featured in the "A Creative Financier" cover story for Creative Real Estate Magazine where he was their #1 most published writer for 10 years and main guest on many of their national television and radio shows. He writes college textbooks and real estate licensee courses in most states for a few of the largest publishers in the nation while teaching the students and licensees how to structure creative financing. Several prominent real estate coaching businesses have referred their students to Rick so that he could both teach them how to complete the creative financing transaction (wraps, seller-carry 2nds, etc.) and bring in the money to close the deals.

Some of our seller-financed sales transactions can take place within a matter of hours or a few days from start to finish. 
We can help you buy, sell, and finance residential and commercial properties as creatively as possible for one deal as an individual or in multiple transactions using 1031 tax-deferred exchanges or other complex entity structures. The vast majority of real estate, wealth advisor, legal, accounting, and mortgage professionals are not aware of our financial solutions for a purchase, sale, or refinance, so they cannot help you like we can if you contact us today at (760) 485 - 2422 (or email: info@realloans.com).

Sample Seller-Financed Transaction - Home Is Not Available For Sale
Sample Seller-Financed Transaction - Home Is Not Available For Sale

Here's a sample seller-financed home sale transaction. The terms listed are used only as a fictional example because the home is NOT currently available for sale. We will be sharing new active seller-financed homes very soon here on this same page. Other seller-financed home sales may have more affordable sales price, down payment, and monthly payment options near half of these same fictional numbers listed below (ex: possible $500,000 sales price, $50,000 down payment, and monthly payments in the $3,000+ range that may be lower than rent nearby). 

Sales Price: $1,000,000
Down Payment Required: $100,000
Seller-Financed Mortgage: $900,000
Interest Rate: 7% interest-only
Loan Term: Amortized over 30 years
Monthly Interest-Only Payment: $5,250/month
Monthly Property Taxes: $1,042/month
Monthly Insurance: $400/month
Total Estimated Monthly Payment: $6,692/month 

Short Sale Solutions

An underwater and a potential short sale deal is a home sales situation where the mortgage debt exceeds the current market value at the time of the sale. The seller and advising real estate and mortgage licensees can assist with persuading the existing lender or mortgage loan servicer to significantly discount their debt concurrently at the payoff of the short sale. This way, the seller doesn’t lose more money, the buyer pays fair market value, and both the listing and buyer’s agents receive their full commissions.

Some of our past clients who came to us for financing have worked on more than 6,000 short sale deals, so our team is very experienced with offering solutions for all parties involved. For motivated sellers, you should set realistic home listing prices in the near term to maximize your profits or to minimize your losses. For real estate licensees, you should learn more about how short sales and creative seller-financed sales can help you and clients at a much faster pace while increasing gains or reducing losses at the same time.

Please read my article to learn more details: Underwater Homes and Short Sale Solutions

Seller-Financed Commercial Real Estate
In regards to commercial properties such as retail shopping centers, office buildings, medical centers, apartments, mini-storage, mixed-use properties, or other building or land types, we have worked on a number of discounted refinance transactions in which the existing lender(s) were willing to accept a new refinance loan which was 100% to 200% lower than the existing mortgage balances. 


For example, we worked on a shopping center deal with a $13 million mortgage balance which was two months in arrears. We underwrote the property, which had close to a 40% vacancy rate at the time. Due to the declining property values in the area, the property was valued at closer to $6 million. We approved the deal subject to the existing lenders acceptance of the $6 million payoff as a payoff in full toward the existing $13 million balance. Here's Rick Tobin's article on commercial real estate trends and financing options:
Simplifying and Automating Commercial Mortgages (published: October 5, 2022)

Property Financial Analysis 
For a free analysis of your property situation, please email us the property address, existing loan information, and any other relevant information. We will then complete a detailed market analysis of the property which we will provide to the property owner for both residential and commercial properties so that the owners are able to better make a decision in regard to how to best sell their property. 


We can structure purchase transactions with no bank financing underwriting requirements throughout the state of California for residential properties and nationwide for commercial properties. These purchase deals can include very low down payments, clear title insurance, quick escrows, and buyers may be able to purchase any and all types of real estate either as an individual or via new LLCs, corporations, or other entities. We just need the buyer's desired monthly payment range, down payment options, and the preferred locations. Our foreclosure analysis software system and team members will then help you find the best and most flexible purchase deals available. For more financial solutions, please visit the lead page of this same site: https://realloans.com

The Credit Crisis Deals book (2008) by Rick Tobin, Owner/Broker of Realloans
The Credit Crisis Deals book (2008) by Rick Tobin, Owner/Broker of Realloans
The Credit Crisis: 10 Years and Counting (2018) book by Rick Tobin
The Credit Crisis: 10 Years and Counting (2018) book by Rick Tobin