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Loan Application

Linked below is the online loan application that can be completed in 10 or 15 minutes by loan borrower applicants who are interested in getting pre-approved for a purchase or refinance mortgage loan:

Your personal information is safe and protected. Should you have any questions, please call or email Rick Tobin at (760) 485 - 2422 or info@realloans.com.

Remember, the most important part of the entire loan application process is related to the approval and funding of your requested loan in a timely manner. Without loan approval, it does not matter if fixed rates are near all-time record lows or rising a few percentage points off of record lows if you can't qualify.

Is the monthly payment affordable for you? If not, an interest-only payment option tied to a shorter term 5, 7, or 10-year fixed rate term may be a much better financial solution for you than a fully amortizing 30-year fixed rate. Did you know that the typical mortgage borrower is in their loan for 7 years or less? This is why 7-year interest-only loan options may make better financial sense.

Did you know that the monthly payments for an interest-only loan are similar to a fully amortizing 30-year fixed rate mortage that is priced almost 2% lower? Or, a loan with a low 6% interest-only loan has a monthly payment similar to fully amortizing (principal and interest) rate that is priced in the low 4% rate range. Most 30-year fixed mortgage borrowers don't really start paying down their loan principal until after the 7th year anyway.  

Our team works diligently to ensure that our clients are more likely to get approved for loans which make the most sense for their financial needs, first and foremost. Through any boom or bust economic cycle, the Realloans team has decades' worth of experience and offers creative mortgage solution options built around your needs and interests that can quickly get you into or out of a valuable residential or commercial property asset or challenging financial situation.